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Photos by Harlan Erskin

Author / Writer: Kyle Siebrecht

Director: Keith Baker

Musical Director / Conductor / Harpsichord: James Richman

French Music Ensemble: James Gallagher, Judson Griffin, Ramar Meredity, Greg Staughn, Margaret Ziemnicka

Haitian Master Drummer: Damas Fan-Fan Louis

Haitian Percussion Ensemble: Matisou Lekba, Yatande Boko, Ti Rouge

Choreography:  Catherine Turocy, Marcea T. Daiter

Afro-Haitian Dance Ensemble: William Carey, Daphnis Dieudonne, Sibyl Graham, Dorian Holmes Garfield Lemonius, Patricia Monus

French Dance Ensemble: Caroline Copeland, Sarah Edgar, Arnold Quintane, Seth Williams

Prince of Haiti / King of Paris an original opera musical set in late 18th century Haiti and France features a unique mixture of historically accurate French Baroque and Haitian music; never before attempted reconstructions of 18th century French colonial and Afro-Haitian dances: a scene from the long neglected French Rococo opera Zemire et Axor (Beauty and the Beast) by Gretry, and a recreation from the first recorded description of an 18th century vodou ritual.  The story of Moreau de St.Mery hero of Haiti and the French revolution is infused with conflict and spectacle, seduction murder and political intrigue, the events unfold through the eyes of de Saint-Mery celebrated writer, political activist, and man of the arts.  The French baroque and Haitian contredanse patterns were created during a two-year collaboration between Marcea Daiter and Catherine Turocy from European period notations published in the 18th century and descriptions found in the diary of St.Mery.

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