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Kaleidoscope of Kultures Dance Theater mission is to educate and awaken the consciousness of people from a diverse perspective using dance, folklore, history, and music as a weapon to create stories about the disenfranchised populations in the Euro-African Diaspora.  Marcea Daiter founded the dance theater company in 1995.  The name comes from her performance, training and research of cultural, contemporary, and classical dance forms in the world.  The dance theater choreography she creates are reflections of images inside an optical tube that are used to create a melange of movement that reflect the world in which we live as it constantly changes symmetrical form when two or more cultures or people blend together.  It incorporates partnering, improvisation, spoken word, live music, and song.  Her field study trips to Africa, Cuba, Mexico, Haiti, within the Untied States to the Katherine Dunham Center for Arts and Humanities, and Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival have influenced her methodology as a choreographer and educator giving her the artistic freedom to create movement that expresses what is going on with people, and how movement relates to cultural identity, education, gender, ecology, sexuality, human behavior, institutions, social structures, urban life, politics, science and social relationships found in the indigenous and modern societies of the world.

Photo by Vincent Frye

Kaleidoscope of Kultures Dance Theater Company / Marcea T. Daiter • New York, NY • Cell Phone: (917) 701-8693

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